Still living in beautiful Waimea on Hawai’i Island. Currently completing a Master’s Degree Program in Education Entrepreneurship from Oulu University of Applied Sciences.

Teaching 8th-grade mathematics as well as being a coach/mentor for a year-long grade 8 capstone course. Feeling blessed to be in face-to-face learning all the while happily masking up and trying to convince classrooms full of 13 and 14-year-olds to social distance themselves.

Designing and planning the 2021 summer summit for the National Capstone Consortium which will be virtual for the first time. Making an attempt to improve my writing by regularly journaling using Penzu and more actively contributing to the blog site you are on right now.

Listening to lots of Bill Evans and John Coltrane. Meditating each morning to the sounds of Brian Eno’s “Music for Installations”.

Keeping my own music playing sharp through impromptu solo jam sessions on my porch with my ‘ukulele and/or guitar. Down to one gig a month at my favorite local farmer’s market. Totally OK with that and wouldn’t want it any other way.

Tinkering with a four-song EP idea that I’d love to get put down sometime this year. Songs still have a few spots that need to be cleaned up and the arrangement of instruments needs some figuring out.

Last Updated: February 2021

Inspired by the “Now Page Movement” of Derek Sivers.