Updated February 4, 2022 from Waimea, Hawaiʻi Island


Completed a new EP of original music titled Hoʻale, I’m Coming Home. It is available on all streaming services as well as on my website


I have continued to write and challenge myself to improve. I started publishing to a decentralized publishing website. You can visit my page at

New learnings

Going deeper and deeper down the web3 and blockchain rabbit hole. Crypto, NFTs, and DAOs have been ever consuming as my curious mind strives to understand the capabilities of this emerging internet technology.

Joined my first ever DAO, an education group called k20 Educators. Minted my first NFT, a project called FOMO MOFOs by Hawaiʻi based artist Jasper Wong. Added my music to a decentralized streaming service at

This page was inspired by the “Now Page Movement” of Derek Sivers.