Updated January 19, 2023 from Waimea, Hawaiʻi Island


I am in the middle of a long-term project to help to shape the academic programs at my school. This work has involved looking into how to align our curriculum and establishing shared competencies for assessment.

This is a new challenge for me and I have enjoyed engaging in some new learning on these topics. Big shout out to Global Online Academy (GOA) and The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) for all your resources and professional development opportunities.

ed3 DAO

The Ed3 DAO continues to grow. In October we demoed our first web3 courses and in November we launched our Ed3 Unfonference. Both of these were free for NFT holders. I was able to complete the blockchain course and at the unconference, I shared my talk titled “Have You Heard of Web3?”


I am listening to a lot of symphonic and choral works, particularly post-renaissance mass music.


I am currently focusing on LinkedIn after a number of years of building my Twitter presence. I still post and maintain my Twitter account, but have found LinkedIn to be a more productive platform for networking, creating, and learning. You can find me on my LinkedIn account here.


I have made a return to learning about futures thinking after a couple year hiatus. I completed a course on LinkedIn titled “Leading like a Futurist” as well as one by the Dubai Future Foundation titled “Foundations of Futures Literacy.”

This page was inspired by the “Now Page Movement” of Derek Sivers.