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Hello educator and web3 frens,

In past issues, I’ve used somewhat provocative titles like “Time for Tangible”, “NFTs Going Mainstream”, and “Getting Hyped.” I am not choosing these titles to arouse a false sense of hope. They are honest surveys of the web3 landscape based on my own investigations of the space.

For all my hopes that we are about to “turn the corner” of a wider adoption of web3, I remain skeptical that we are ready to implement many of these changes. In thinking about the long turn survival of web3 I have also learned about the value of regeneration. I have to give particular credit to how it is described by my friend Vriti Saraf in her newsletter titled “Intro to Regenerative Systems.”

“This is where regeneration comes into play. Inspired by living ecosystems, regenerative economics and regenerative learning are being memed into a movement in web3.”

This week’s newsletter was inspired not only by Vriti’s newsletter but the idea of women in web3. This article from Fast Company reinforced this idea for me, that the regenerative capacity of web3 relies on its ability to bring more women into the industry.

A good place to start to learn more about the women making an impact in web3 is to familiarize yourself with the names on Misha DaVinci’s list of names to know in web3. Particularly of note is the section on “educators, researchers, and analysts.”

I also share an article about the founder of a marketplace for fine art NFTs.

And the last resource for the week is a link to a popular YouTube and podcast channel covering crypto news and events.

This week’s issue is not meant as a one-and-done “shout out” to all the women creators and builders in web3. It is an acknowledgment of the following–amazing work is being done, more work can be done, and I am going to make a concerted effort to showcase more of the amazing work being done.

Regan Oelze, the founder of Minted Mojito, provided a number of valuable insights in her Fast Company article that opened my eyes to the value of inclusive spaces in web3. As I look to guide my students and peer educators in the web3 space I need to realize this value. I’ll leave you with this quote.

“If the exclusive culture of Web3 persists as it is today, it will not succeed. A diverse community of users and workforce is crucial for mass adoption, but you cannot have one without the other.”

Click through the resources for the week to learn more about how the web3 space can survive.

🗣 Female web3 founder provides insights on inclusivity

💯 Misha names her web3 one hundred

🖼 Founder creates a marketplace for fine art NFTs

🦊 “Financial Fox” with Stefania Barbaglio

Female Web3 Founder Provides Insights on Inclusivity

It’s always valuable to hear directly from founders who are working in the industry. Regan’s insights are simple and direct. There are two main points she makes in the article:

Make sure educational resources are geared toward everyone and build teams women actually want to join.

I highly recommend you take a read of what she has to say about how we can make the web3 space more inclusive of women. But more importantly how the very survival of web3 depends on it.

Misha Names Her WEB3 ONE HUNDRED

This entire thread is an impressive list of “must-know” individuals in web3. One particular section jumped out at me. First, because it lists the educators, researchers, and analysts to know in web3, but also because it lists a number of women.

Misha Da Vinci is an important voice in web3. She is doing a lot of work to create that inclusivity that is crucial for the regenerative capacity of web3.

Founder Creates a Marketplace for Fine Art NFTs

The tone of this article feels a little outdated as it was released last April at the height of “NFT mania.” However, it is still an important share because it features the work of a young female of color in the web3 space.

Also of note is that the $3.3M funding is from Harlem Capital. Harlem Capital describes itself as “a venture capital firm on a mission to change the face of entrepreneurship by investing in 1,000 diverse founders over 20 years.”

“Financial Fox” with Stefania Barbaglio

The Financial Fox is a popular YouTube and podcast series offering insights into topics of crypto and finance. Stefania is also a writer who has covered the topic of fashion and NFTs in detail.

Her most recent video focuses on the upcoming crypto event happening in the UK.

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