Ed3 Weekly: Let’s Tie This Together

Ed3 Educators NFT mock-up by Ed3DAO

Hello educator and web3 frens,

While I have just recently started posting these newsletters to my blog, this is actually my 25th issue, wow! Every milestone, every subscriber, and every new issue reminds me how exciting this adventure has been and continues to be. So thank you for being here as I hit another marker on this journey.

In this newsletter, I am always trying to identify connections. My purpose is to create ties between emerging web3 technology and the learning we are curating in our classrooms. I look at information as a big puzzle. My goal is to put the pieces together so a bigger picture appears.

As a curious educator, the picture is getting clearer through the fog of hype. There are a number of components to this mosaic. One of these is the democratization of learning institutions through DAOs. Another is accessing learning about crypto and finance from non-traditional sources. A third piece is how NFTs will be used in our classrooms. Finally, what will the impact be of large NFT projects in funding the creator ecosystem?

The resources for this week speak to those four pieces. Check out the resources linked below:

🏢 Ed3DAO co-founders write about the impact of DAOs in our schools

🧠 Interview with the BFFs NFT project BFFs about crypto education

🧑‍🏫 A short summary of the different use cases for NFTs in our classroom

🚀 Major funding announcement that values Doodles NFT at $700M

Decentralized Organizations for Educational Institutions

Have you been searching for a detailed, well-researched, and comprehensive summary of DAOs in schools? This feature article written by two co-founders of the Ed3 DAO provides all of this in this article from Getting Smart.

Learn about democratizing learning organizations, models for living, earning, and learning, and why human-centered systems are the goal.

NFT Project BFF Supports Crypto Education

“We are building the basics of Web3 like we built the internet back in the ‘90s.”

It’s statements like this from a recent interview with NFT project founders that inspire me as an educator. Imagine having the level of access that we enjoy now that we did at the start of the internet revolution of the 1990s?

The irony is that we didn’t know any better back then because we hadn’t yet created the very thing that has democratized information. This project is a great example of the resources that we can connect our students to in order to learn more about web3, crypto, and NFTs.

NFTs in our K-12 Schools

This short article is another example of how the web3 conversation continues to move into mainstream discussions at our schools. In fact, this article was emailed to me by our school’s educational technologist as she knows I have an interest in NFTs.

Little did she know that I m actually the community growth manager for the Ed3DAO that is mentioned in the article. It was a humorous reminder that I might be so far down the rabbit hole that others can’t even see where I’m at.

Huge Valuation for Doodles, a Popular NFT Project

There are a couple NFT projects that transcend pop culture. Bored Ape Yacht Club is one, and Doodles might be the only other. With recent announcements like this one, Doodles might be positioning itself to take over the top spot.

Things like this are important events for our young people. We live in a brand-driven world. The potential for an NFT project to become a major brand alongside Nike, Lululemon, or Disney will have a major impact on this next generation.

We have yet to see if an NFT project can make this jump from web3 to the world, but if any project is positioned to do it, Doodles would be the one.

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