Ed3 Weekly: #ed3con22

This is a very exciting week in the world of ed3. The first ED3 DAO conference will be held from Friday to Sunday in the ed3verse. There are a number of diverse speakers and presenters coming to share their work around web3 and education.

The issue this week is a special conference edition of Ed3 Weekly.

There is not enough room in the newsletter to cover everybody who is presenting, so my goal is to focus on the primary sessions for each day.

You can see the entire schedule of the conference here. If you’re reading this up to or on November 11 or 12, sign up and come participate. A few spots remain!

If you’re not able to attend hopefully this summary will help introduce you to some new people and platforms that are out there in the ed3 space.

Day 1️⃣

❓ Why web3 🌐 The internet of education 💻 Web3 edtech

Day 2️⃣

🏫 Higher ed 🔑 Crypto 👷 Building cities

Day 3️⃣

🧩 Solving big problems 🫂 Supporting diverse communities 🎓 The power of credentials

Day 1

Day 1 will start with a kickoff from the Ed3DAO founders Vritti Saraf and Mike Peck. The title of their talk is “What is Web3 and Why Does It Matter in Education?” They explain their thinking in detail in this feature article that they wrote for Getting Smart.

The Edtalks will start with a session on “The Internet of Education” with the Learning Economy Foundation, a steward of learning in web3, blockchain, crypto, ad DAOs, and Digital Promise, a global nonprofit working with educators, researchers, technology leaders, and communities to design, investigate, and scale up innovations that empower learners.

The final session will be on the “Landscape of Venture Backed Web3” with representatives of G20 Ventures, a capital partner that helps Web3 communities grow, and GSV Ventures a female-led, multi-stage venture capital firm investing in the $7+ trillion education technology sector across “Pre-K to Gray.”

Day 2

The second day of the conference will start with “Building a Web3 Center for Excellence in Higher Education.” This talk will be led by a Fordham University representative discussing the mechanics of building a web3 Center for Excellence at the university level. 

The other two Edtalks cover “The Crypto Renaissance for Education: Web3 as Recreation Ad Fontes” with Josh Rosenthal and “What if You Could Build a City from Scratch?” with City DAO.

Day 3

The final day of the conference will start off talking about “Solving big problems with learning, earning, and living” with Getting Smart.

The middle part of the Edtalk lineup will feature a large panel discussion on “Building Web3 Communities for Diverse Members.” Sharing will be the co-founder of Hug, the community lead at MAVIONWorld, the co-founder of Black Creators DAO, and the Head of Community at Flooz.

Public Consulting Group, Digital Credentials Consortium MIT, and Metacrafters will deliver the final Edtalk discussing “The inequity of grades & the power of credentials.”

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