Ed3 Weekly: Do You NFT?

I imagine a future in which interactions on the blockchain are so commonplace that you won’t even know you are doing it. Like the internet of today, it isn’t even a conscious thought to “surf the world wide web.” There’s no modem. No “dialing in.” No cords to plug in or discs to load. The internet just is.

We all know how clunky some of the web3 technologies are. Opening your crypto wallet, signing your keys, and transferring eth to approve a transaction. It’s almost like using the internet in 1991! For many that doesn’t matter. Apparently, it suffices that it’s cool, it’s fun, and it’s cutting-edge.

It is true that first adopters will forgo the inconveniences of new technology because it’s new. But what about the rest of us? And what about when it isn’t new anymore? There will come a point where the need to interact with the blockchain will be so strong that the technology will NEED to improve.

But we’re not there yet.

The examples this week are actionable changes that are doing the work to move this technology from “soon” to “now.”

🏫 Learn about a virtual reality charter school that is up and running in Florida

📖 Engage with a series of articles from Coindesk on how the world’s top universities are teaching blockchain, crypto, and Web3

💃 Read about how metaverse platforms are transforming online clothes shopping for consumers

💰 A huge investment to expand access to educational resources for Latinas

This Educator Launched The World’s First Virtual Reality Charter School

This is one of the most inspiring stories in ed3 that I have come across. The world’s first-ever virtual reality charter school is up and running in Florida thanks to the work of innovative educator Adam Mangana.

For a deeper dive, I’d suggest this podcast interview with the National Association of Independent Schools. New View Edu by NAIS is one of my go-to podcasts for innovations in education. It is exciting to see their coverage of a virtual reality charter school.

You might be surprised at some of his propositions. That student agency might be less important than we think, how teachers will be more important than ever in a VR-integrated education system, and why our two greatest teachers never knew how to read or write.

CoinDesk Presents Education Week

Are you ready for a higher education blockchain, crypto, and Web3 deep-dive? Coindesk has been committed to its coverage of how top universities are innovating in this space.

There are 10 featured articles in this series along with a number of others. I’d suggest this article on the interdisciplinary nature of web3. There is the potential for this technology to help support a more integrated future curriculum that fosters a variety of skills.

Weaving Web3, NFT, and Metaverse Utilities with the Fashion Industry

A key to further adoption of web3 is for young people to see themselves in the technology. As mentioned in the intro, it is also about using blockchain without even knowing that we’re doing it.

The fashion industry is working behind the scenes to build a very strong infrastructure incorporating AI, VR, and the metaverse. This article details the work of financier turned blockchain company founder Emma Liu and her business ChainGuardians.

Bringing 5 Million Latinas into Web3

I keep hearing more and more about Latin America as being the happening place for emerging web3 projects. I also am hearing about the role that women are playing as key builders. This announcement is exciting news for the continued growth of women web3 founders in this emerging region.

As detailed in the article this will mean “$25 million worth of free NFT domains to 5 million Latinas to help them build and control their digital identity.” That’s no small endeavor and should contribute to additional growth. It should also help move us to a future where we are interacting with the blockchain without even knowing it.

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